WW1 Elliott MK III Aircraft Altimeter Dated 1915

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A very rare and particularly fine early WW1 MK III aircraft altimeter, by Elliott Bros.

Serial no - 1063.  Dated 3 / 3 / 1915.

Manufactured by probably the finest early aviation instrument makers of the period, this altimeter is in excellent original
condition. The silvered dial is is in very good order, including pointer and original deep - beveled glass.
The rear of the case is stamped W /\ D (War Dept) and the quality movement dated 1915 - W.B.
most likely the instrument maker or fitter.

Most importantly it retains the outer fitting case to allow fixture in the cockpit. This still has two
original compressed horsehair pads to dampen  the instrument when in use. The case also
allows it to 'free stand' so can be displayed upright on a desk etc... Responding well to
barometric pressure variations, it can be demonstrated as a simple barometer in the home.

Originally fitted to an early WW1 aircraft such as the B.E. 2.C.

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