WW1 French Aircraft Altimeter By Léon Hatot

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A fine early French aircraft altimeter by Léon Hatot - Besançon.
Well known for producing fine clocks and early aero instruments.

Circa - 1915.

Serial No - 11 158.

This example is in very good original condition and shows little signs of use,
mainly due to retaining its outer leather case with four fixing rings.
When fitted in a cockpit it was suspended within a sprung cradle, this
reduced vibration from the engine and was a typical early French system.
Correctly marked "Aviation Militaire" proving its use as a French aviation
instrument rather than a domestic altimeter.

Responding well to barometric pressure variations so can be viewed as a
barometer in the home.

Interestingly the rear of the leather case is faintly inscribed " 1st Lt Walter
C. Fertig - Air Service A.E.F."  (American Expeditionary Force)

I am currently researching this information and any details about Lt Fertig.