WW1 Admiralty Air Dept Aircraft Altimeter Dated 1915

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A rare early WW1 aircraft altimeter by Short & Mason, London.
Short & Mason produced fine quality barometers and barographs of the period.

Admiralty Air Department.

Dated - 22 / 02 / 15.

In excellent original condition with clear silvered dial and bevelled glass (some light scratches)
The outer case having original military grey paint showing minor wear.

As fitted to early WW1 aircraft such as the Bristol Scout and other R.N.A.S. (Royal Naval Air Service)

Interestingly the fine mechanism is dated (22 / 02 / 15) and initialled "RT",
the original instrument maker obviously proud of their work.
The instrument has a low serial number - 204.

Responding well to barometric pressure variations and so can be demonstrated as a
barometer within the home.