Early British Monoplane Control Wheel Circa 1913

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An extremely rare early British monoplane control wheel.

Circa - 1913.

The wheel is in excellent conserved condition; the outer mahogany rim had several age splits
and at some point was incorrectly varnished. It has now been reglued and hand finished
with special attention to retaining the deep patina gained over its lifetime.

It has several markings on the metal spokes - most importantly two A.I.D. (Aeronautical Inspection Dept)
stamps proving it to be an original aviation control wheel and passed for flight use in period,
the A.I.D. was formed in 1913.

Control wheels were the first type of system used from the earliest days of aviation, control sticks became
universal after this time making this one of the last wheels used.
Serial number - 13251 and two futher triangle stampings - A 32.
The metal has been very lightly cleaned (not polished) to show the markings.

A very similar control wheel is shown fitted to a 1912 / 13 Bristol monoplane in the above image.


Diameter - 11.8"    30 cm.