Pre WW1 Bristol Aircraft Altimeter Circa 1910

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An extremely  rare and unusual early aircraft altimeter produced for the British & Colonial
Aircraft Company, Filton, Bristol, England.

Circa – 1910.

Cockpit instruments during the pioneering era were virtually non-existent, a compass, watch
and altimeter were very often the only items used by early aviators.

This fine altimeter was most likely hung within the cockpit or between bracing wires,
or possibly mounted to the centre of a control wheel with fine wire (I am researching
further into early Bristol aviation / period photographs)

It is in excellent original condition retaining the bottom section of its leather case.
The fine-silvered dial is in very good condition and the mechanism is responding well to
barometric pressure variations.

I have handled propellers from the "Bristol" Aircraft Co, but have never come across an
instrument directly linked to this important early aviation company.

A unique opportunity - unlikey to be repeated.