About Us

Simon A House is a small business, specialising in pieces associated with early aviation for collectors,
restorers & enthusiasts - based on the beautiful heritage coast of Suffolk.

Unsurprising it’s fronted by Simon, who’s family originally ran an antique barometer and scientific instrument
business in the West Country.

  • The business has been operating for 17 years, developing from a general interest in aviation and the clocks,
    barometers and scientific instruments Simon used to restore and work with in Somerset.
  • In addition to the items on the website, Simon is happy sourcing items to order and shipping worldwide is a speciality.
  • Recent projects we have been associated in include:
    • Supplying original instruments and a period 130hp Clerget engine for a Sopwith Triplane project in Australia.
    • Supplying the main original instruments for a Bristol Scout aircraft with history in the U.K.  Bristol Scout Project


  • Although mainly operating over the internet you can meet us at vintage motoring & aviation events, or by appointment.
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us at  info@simonahouse.com  for more details.