WW1 German Aircraft Altimeter With Provenance

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A unique Late WW1 Kroplin German aircraft altimeter  dating from 1918 in untouched original condition.
Retaining it's calibration scale on the case and lead 'winged' seal confirming its airworthiness in period.

Serial No: 1170.

This very rare altimeter was presented to Captain (later Major) T.F Hazell at the end of the war, after shooting down
the Hannover CL 111 aircraft that it originated from on 8th August 1918. Hazell was flying a SE5a of No: 24 Squadron.
Amazingly he shot down a total of three enemy aircraft that day, by the end of the war his 'score' was 43.
This made him the highest scoring ace to serve with 24 Squadron. A brass plaque on the rear of the instrument marks the
date, and aircraft he shot down.

Hazell was awarded the MC, DFC and DSO.

The altimeter was on on loan to the well known Shuttleworth aviation museum for many years, and comes with a letter of
confirmation from the Chief Engineer and a copy of a photograph showing it on display at the collection.

A highly collectable piece of WW1 aviation history.