WW1 Royal Flying Corps Doxa MK V Cockpit Watch

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A rare WW1 Royal Flying Corps MK V cockpit watch with original holder in
excellent untouched condition.

Utilizing a fine quality 30hr - 15 jewel Swiss movement by Doxa.

Circa - 1916.

Complete with correct cockpit holder and felt damping pad. The watch
is in working order keeping very good time. Non - luminous black dial 
in perfect condition with no cracks. The outer case, although dull
is also in very good condition with no scratches. This would polish
well if desired.

Marked:  30hr Non - Luminous MK V B.E. 11192

The extended winding stem (to allow adjustment whilst fitted within holder)
has not been drilled, the rear case correctly showing the RFC stamp.
Mounted - most likely soon after the war, to a beaded edge mahogany block
allowing the watch to be displayed / hung on a wall. 
This having gained a deep patina over a hundred years.

Period WW1 cockpit holders are extremely difficult to source, therefore a
very rare opportunity to acquire an original pairing.