1920's Jaeger Aero Engine Hydroplane Tachometer

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A fine large dial (7”) Jaeger chronometric tachometer, reading to 3,900rpm.

Circa – 1928.

A rare instrument, originally used for large capacity aero engines during
the glory period of hydroplane racing.
From the early 1920’s hydroplane boats were fitted with ex – WW1 aero
engines in the quest to achieve ever faster speeds on water.
Towards the 1930’s even bigger aero engines were used including
Hispano Suiza, Rolls Royce & Packard.

A large dial tachometer being important to monitor engine RPM during
exciting but dangerous high speed runs on water.

The instrument is in excellent original condition with clear white dial
and undamaged glass. It is in working order with the pointer
returning to Zero. There is a small oil stain on the dial at the 2,250