WW1 German Aircraft Altimeter G. Lufft, Stuttgart

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A fine WW1 period German aircraft altimeter by G. Lufft, Stuttgart.

Circa - 1915 / 16.

Serial no - 3943.

In excellent original condition with clear engraved / silvered
2.5" dial and unmarked beveled glass. The three fixing rings are
in place; very unusually retaining original cotton wrapped bungee
cords with 'quick release' mounting clips.

This system allowed the instrument to be suspended in forward
view of the pilot, attached to the cockpit fuselage struts.

Correctly marked "Höhenmesser für Flugzeuge" (Altimeter For Aircraft)
The company logo (G.L.) marked within a pair of compasses confirms
a pre 1919 date - the logo changed in 1920.

A rare early German aviation instrument by this preeminent maker.