WW1 German Aircraft Altimeter By Emil Scholz

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A very rare, fine quality WW1 German aircraft altimeter by Emil Scholz, Hamburg.

Circa - 1917.

The instrument is in excellent untouched original condition, having the earlier
type silvered dial with clear 'prancing horse' makers' mark.

A particularly large altimeter with adjustable brass outer bezel - to enable height
variations to be monitored. There is also a separate adjustment 'wheel'
to set the instrument for airfield / take off altitude. There is some light
damage to the wheel. The outer casing retains three solid fixing eyes,
the altimeter was originally suspended by cables - within sight of the pilot.

The casing retains much of its original military satin green paint.

In working condition, responding well to barometric pressure variations,
but not fully tested.

Work / factory no - 2301

5" /  12.7 cm Dial.

A highly collectable WW1 German aircraft instrument.