Collection Of Early Aircraft Parts Inc Transatlantic Vimy

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An interesting framed collection of early aviation items put together in the
1960's by J Chapman, who was a conservationist at the time working at the
London Science Museum.

Comprising a rare section of original silver coated fabric inscribed in pencil "Vimy Science Museum"
with a typed note "Vickers Vimy Science Museum Transatlantic Flight 1919"
The Vimy was repaired by Vickers, Brooklands after Alcock & Brown crash landed
in a peat bog in Ireland after their epic flight.

A section of wood with typed note reading "Supermarine Southampton RAF Museum"
from the fuselage of a 1925 Mk1 Flying Boat designed by R.J. Mitchell,
and a triangular piece reading "Walrus RAF Museum".
The Walrus, also designed by Mitchell was an amphibious biplane that first flew in 1933;
this section was probably from the wing structure.

The display is as put together by Chapman in the 60's, the rear mounting has been reset
with framing paper and will have brass picture wire attached to facilitate display.


14.3"  x  9.2"    36.5 cm x  23.5 cm