The Bradford Bristol Aero Catalogue Collection 1912

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Previously the property of Mr A.J. Bradford.

A unique collection of very early catalogues promoting the aircraft produced by the "Bristol" Aeroplane Co,
covering the years 1911 - 12.

Most were produced solely for the Paris Air Show of 1912. The collection consists of seven original catalogues;
all are in very good condition - some with light foxing, two have loose pages but are complete.

Five are printed in French and two in English, with many fine photographs. Catalogues from this period are very unusual,
especially having a collection together with full history and provenance.
All are signed in ink by Bradford.

A.J. Bradford worked at the company from 1912 until his retirement in 1960 and had the foresight to preserve these very rare documents.
An original copy of "Bristol Siddeley News" dated August 1960 is included with an article on Mr Bradford's retirement.
Also two company photographs - one of a Bristol F2b Fighter and a very unusual Bristol Pullman Triplane.

A fascinating insight into aircraft manufacture two years before the outbreak of WW1.

We also have a rare  Bristol Altimeter  from the same period - this would make a fine addition to the collection.