WW1 Mark V.A. Zenith Aircraft Altimeter

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A rare WW1 Zenith Mark V.A. aircraft altimeter in original condition.

Circa – 1917 / 18.

Serial No 11888 W.

Non - Luminous.

The dial is in excellent clean condition, outer bezel in mellowed
die-cast metal, the rear case retaining most of its military black paint.
The mechanism is in working condition, responding to barometric
pressure variations.

The knurled setting knob turns, but is not moving the outer scale.

Correctly stamped with the Royal Flying Corps mark proving its use
during WW1.

The Mark V.A. was fitted to most British aircraft towards the end of
WW1 – including the Sopwith Camel, Bristol Fighter etc...

Priced accordingly due to the setting adjustment not operating.