WW1 British Wright Co Airship Bubble Statoscope

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A very rare British Wright Co, Ltd, airship bubble statoscope.

Dated - 1916.

Serial No - 440.

In excellent original condition having been sympathetically
cleaned, with special attention taken to preserve the deep tan
leather case. This retains a removable carrying strap & lid,
with aperture showing the glass bubble tube.
The leather is date stamped - 1916.
In complete condition with glass tube - the liquid is no longer
in place.

Engraved brass faceplate with "Descend & Ascend" graduated
scale and British Wright Company name.

The statoscope was first developed circa 1900, and became
one of the most important instruments used on airships and
It responded immediately to any height gain or loss, very
important when operating at low altitudes - especially with
cloud cover.

Instruments specifically for airship use during WW1
are very difficult to source.