WW1 British Aircraft Airspeed Instrument MK IV.A.

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A very rare WW1 British airspeed instrument by R W Munro
Ltd, London.

MK IV.A. 160 MPH. Ser No - 29526.

Circa - 1916.

In complete condition with excellent dial and pointer. The inlet and outlet
pressure tubes are in place - marked Port & Starboard.
Correctly stamped with the Royal Flying Corps mark proving its use during
The outer case is in unusually good condition, retaining most of the military
black paint.

R W Munro was one of the first manufactures to dedicate their design &
research into airspeed instruments, and became the benchmark
throughout WW1.

The instrument is in working condition with the pointer moving and returning
to zero when light pressure is applied to the inlet tube.

As fitted to a variety of British aircraft from 1916.

Sold as a collectable instrument only, but highly suitable for a restoration
project with vintage 'type' approval.