Early WW1 Aircraft Altimeter By O.Comitti London

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A very rare and highly collectable early aviation altimeter by O.Comitti & Son Ltd, London.

Circa - 1913 / 14.

The instrument is in excellent untouched original condition. The metal casing made from an early
form of aluminium to keep weight to a minimum.

Brass silvered / engraved dials in perfect condtion, having clear height markings and distinct
makers details.

Comitti were well known aneroid barometer specialists of the period, and the quality
of workmanship is very much in evidence. Very unusually for a British aviation altimeter
at this time - it is housed within a leather case, with outer fixing rings.
The dial is also marked "Metres" so most probably was a venture into the French market.
The outer bezel can be rotated to set the instrument to airfield / take off altitude.

Original leather case is in very nice patinated condition - one fixing ring is missing.

It responds well to barometric pressure variations, so is in working order, but not
fully tested.

I have not come across another early aviation instrument by Comitti in over twenty

4" / 10.2 cm dial.

Very much a museum quality example.